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College & Career

student aide working on bulletin board with counselor in media center


Counselors help each student’s educational, career, and personal development by providing guidance and support to prepare students for post-secondary success in college and/or career. Our counselors work with all grade levels and are assigned to students based on the alphabetical order of students’ last names.

Students are encouraged to request an appointment to meet their counselor. Drop-in sessions are available during brunch, lunch, and after school. Parents/guardians are welcome to request an appointment with their student’s counselor. You may contact the counselor through ParentSquare, email, or phone.

Counselors are not available during holidays, weekends, or school breaks.

Counselor Name Support Assignments 
Genesis Correa 

Student last names (A-Dr)

Andrea Angulo 

Students with last names (Du-Lom)

Diane Sugimoto 
Students with last names (Lon-Qu)
Vince Mora 

Students with last names (Ra-Z)

Family Night Presentations

Counselors provide presentations to families, by grade level, once a semester. Each presentation is geared to provide important information based on grade level. Parents/guardians will be invited to the presentations ahead of time. All presentations are in person in the Lincoln Center, unless otherwise noted. Parents/guardians will receive a copy of the slides in PDF format the following day.

Browse and watch Family Night presentations below.

Forms and Reference Documents